Call to Action: Wine Tariff Fight!


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The time has come. As you know, the US Trade Representative (“USTR”) is in the process of reviewing the current tariffs on imported wine from the EU. This may be our single best opportunity to lower or eliminate the current tariffs on these wines. The task is difficult, and will require the entire wine industry to put pressure on the USTR and our elected officials in Congress. Further, we have a bill that would possibly refund the tariffs paid to this point. 

We have asked businesses to write comments to the USTR reflecting their own unique stories surrounding the damage these tariffs have caused. Now we are asking you to take one further, critical step: Spreading the message to your entire list of contacts in the US wine trade, from your employees to your business and consumer contacts, and even friends and family.  Wine retail stores should send to their customer email list.

We have created a portal – WWW.ENDWINETARIFFS.COM – that will make this very easy. It will allow your contacts to send pre-written letters to Congress and the USTR in just 30 seconds. Further, it will allow users to easily tweet a message, and to call their members in Congress with a detailed script and ask them for tariff relief. This portal has appropriate links for both consumers and wine trade, and will automatically submit the letters to the USTR open comment portal on the Large Civil Aircraft dispute, as well as users’ specific representatives in Washington. Please send to your contacts Wednesday or Thursday morning if possible. We would like to ensure users have the chance to act while their elected officials’ offices are open for phone calls.

Below in blue is a message you may copy and paste into an email to your contacts. Please double check that your link to is working prior to sending.

Dear ……

The United States government is threatening to impose 100% Tariffs on wines from the European Union (including French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and German wines). If these tariffs go through, the price of wines to both wine trade and consumers could skyrocket, and tens of thousands of jobs could be put at risk. We need your help. We are asking you to contact your U.S. Congressperson and U.S. Senator, as well as the U.S. Trade Representative and tell them NOT TO SUPPORT THESE DESTRUCTIVE and ANTI-CONSUMER TARIFFS.

Below is a link that will allow you to contact your own elected officials in Congress, and the U.S. Trade Representative. The link takes to you to a page where you need only 30 seconds to send these letters. It will also allow you to easily call your elected officials, and voice your disapproval of these tariffs. Your letters and calls can have a huge impact.



Thank you for taking the time to write your elected officials and push back against what would be skyrocketing prices and huge job losses if tariffs at 100% went into effect.



Much thanks for all of your support. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Best regards

Ben Aneff

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